Showing Your Home During A Showing

So you have cleaned and done the repair work to make your home fixed and presentable. The weeks leading up to the listing have been probably a hectic one that included home inspections, repairs, staging, and multiple meetings with your real estate agent to talk about the listing details. And now the listing is up and the day has come to market your home to the world. But what to do during a showing? How can you create the mood and atmosphere for the maximum effect to the prospective home buyer? In this article, we’ll show you how subtle details can create a lasting impression when you are showing your home.

A Welcoming Entrance

The important thing to note here is that you want to welcome the buyer into your own home as if greeting an old friend. First of all, if you are working with a real estate agent, make sure you have agreed to using a lockbox so that your agent has access to your home even without your presence or your house keys. Having a locked home that leaves the agent scrambling to get a hold of you leaves a bad impression to home buyers that you are being unprofessional and didn’t prepare for the showing. Moreover, turn off the alarm system. It may seem like a no brainer, but it is extremely difficult to walk into homes only to have the security alarm go off and the sound blare throughout the house as the agent tries to show your home. Both of these things will embarrass your real estate agent and look poorly on you.

Nice touches include having a small table next to the entrance with a welcome card and a small bowl of candy or other some other treat. Add a clothing rank to hang jackets and coats during the winter months and or have some freshly cut flowers in sight during the warmer seasons.

Make the home comfortable

Make sure that your home is as physically comfortable as possible. This is not the right time to worry about your electric bill. If your house is too hot or too cold most buyers will not stay long enough for you to get them interested in the home, it also might leave the impression that something is wrong with the HVAC system. Ensure that all windows are left down to prevent any type of draft or wind change. This is especially true in the spring when leaving the windows open can cause an allergic reaction for one of your prospective buyers.

If there is any type of odor it will be a big turn off. Ensure that all trash bins are emptied and all dishes are washed and put away. If you are a smoker make sure that while you are marketing your home you smoke outside because cigarette smoke is one of the worst smells that you can have in your home while you are trying to show it. Even if your animal is like your child you will want to keep them outside or locked up to minimize the dander and pet odor that they leave behind. You also want to make sure that your pet does not leave a present for you while you are trying to show off the house.

Make your home cozy

The important thing to note here is to play up the senses. Bake some cookies in the oven just before the visit and your whole house will smell heavenly and the buyers can have something to munch on as they tour your rooms. Add texture to the home by having textured, soft curtains or a fluffy throw over the furniture to encourage home buyers to touch the fabrics. Leave the lights on in the evening or throw back the curtains during the day to allow the light in. It is the subtle changes in mood and atmosphere that can really turn a showing from good to great.

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