Simple Quick Fixes For Some Plumbing Problems You May Have In Your Business Premises

Business establishments and work sites or areas are also not immune in having problems with their plumbing systems. Toilets and drains may get clogged, pipes may burst and some faucets will leak, too. Businesses that have their own tradesmen or plumbers under their employ can certainly have such issues or problems fixed immediately. But for business owners who do not have any skilled and trained plumbers in their maintenance team, they will certainly have to call on professional plumbers to get some help with such difficult plumbing problems and issues.

But there are certainly some simple plumbing issues and problems that you or your staff can handle and fix easily. Below are some of these plumbing problems and the quick fixes that can be employed to solve them:

Clogged drains. The most over-used drains are the ones found in the kitchen or pantry sink and they are the ones that get frequently clogged. When the kitchen sink drains are clogged, the quickest remedy for this is to pour down some environmentally safe and biodegradable waste digester down the drain. These products are usually available in groceries and hardware stores. If there are some solid objects causing the stoppage or clog, a plunger can be used to remove such materials.

Clogged toilets. A clogged trap way in the toilet can be quite tricky to fix. But by using a plunger, simple toilet clogs and stoppages can be easily remedied. Professional plumbers also usually use an auger with adjustable and crank-style handle. This type of auger can easily work past the trap and through the pipe. These augers are not too costly and they can also be bought in most hardware stores.

Blocked floor drains. Floor drains in the bathroom also tend to get clogged easily. An auger or even a hooked wire can be used to remove the objects causing the blockage. Any dirt, grime or grease found in the drain can be removed with a stick or old spoon. After removing these objects, pour hot water down the drain to completely rinse or wash out other left-over dirt, grime and other filth.

Leaking faucets. Depending on the type of faulty faucet found and used in the kitchen or bathroom, the usual remedy for this problem is to have them replaced with a new one. There are some types of faucets that can be fitted on a pipe even without using a wrench but if this is not the preferred type, a professional plumber who has the complete set of tools and equipment may have to be called to install the new faucet.

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