Simplifying the Process of Name Change on a Birth Certificate for Children and Adults

One of the most crucial documents a child or adult can have is the birth certificate. It is the first proof of a person’s:

  1. Age
  2. Identity
  3. Citizenship

When an adult initiates the process of obtaining a driver license, or a child is admitted to a school or a person files in an application for a passport, the one document that is generally asked as proof is the birth certificate. This need makes it critical to have the document at hand as soon as possible.

Reasons for a Name Change Application

But like any other process that entails human processing, there is a minor chance of an error occurring. In simpler words, the need to change the name on the birth certificate may rise. There can be other reasons for altering the name on a document. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

  • Changing the name of an infant (less than 1-year-old)

The number one reason people get the name on the certificate altered is a change of mind. Many parents have second thoughts when it comes to naming their baby. For this reason, the need to change the name on the birth certificate may arise. In such a case, a court order is generally not required, as long as the infant is less than one year old. The process for it is:

  1. Bring the original certificate to the record office of the city where the baby was born
  2. Fill in the required forms
  3. Get the change done
  • Correcting the spelling of the name

Human error is inevitable. Mistakes can occur when a person is feeding the name on a computer. The wrong birthplace is typed, the incorrect gender might be ticked, or the name spelled inaccurately. When any one of these faults is present in the birth certificate, it is necessary to get them amended. Proof of the correct information is required for the modification.

In case the spelling of the name is wrong, a court is not mandatory. The person or the parent of the child can give proof of the precise spelling by showing valid documents and get the name edited.

  • Name change of an adult

Most often a change in the birth certificate of an adult is needed because of a modification in the legal name. It can happen in instances such as:

  1. a person decides to take a new first name
  2. a person takes on a new surname
  3. parentage has changed

For the process the prerequisites are:

  1. Court order
  2. Supporting documents
  3. Reason for the change

Bear in mind that a change in name due to marriage doesn’t necessitate modifying the birth certificate.

How to Get a Name Changed in Birth Certificate

The process of altering or modifying a name on a birth certificate requires three simple steps.

  • Submission of the affidavit:

An affidavit duly signed by a notary or 1st class magistrate has to be submitted. The document must contain:

  1. Previous name
  2. New name
  3. Correct, complete address
  4. Reason for name change

An important step here is to make multiple copies of the affidavit and keep the original securely. Also, get soft copies of the legal paper too.

  • Publish in a newspaper:

The second step is to publish a notification or an advertisement in local newspapers specifying that a change in a name has occurred.

One can choose any paper can, but print the ad in two – a local state newspaper and an English newspaper. The advert essentially includes:

  1. New Name
  2. Old Name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Address
  • Notification in a Gazette:

For government officials, it is imperative to publish a notification in a gazette while for others it is optional. Prerequisite documents for this are:

  1. Deed Changing name form (obtained from Department of Publication or Controller of Publication)
  2. Copy of newspaper publication
  3. Two self-attested photos
  4. Address proof
  5. Identity proof

After the change, the Department of Publication sends a copy of the gazette with the printed advert in it. Completion of the step signifies that the name has been modified under the eyes of the law.

The Last Few Tips

A legal change of the name in the birth certificate is not the last step. Keeping all the documents connected to the procedure safe is vital. They might be needed in the future. Also, though one can get a name change procedure in india now, it is still advised to get the help of experts. All annexures required for the process, the steps to be completed or the legal paper done can be done quickly when you have the support of professionals.

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