Six Famous Home Builders and Architects

Architects are often considered artists even though much of the work involved is mathematical. Starting as an idea and evolving into a reveled structure still admired today, some creations are regarded as masterpieces designed by magnificent artist. There have been many famous architects and home builders honored for their artistic abilities throughout history. These are six of the most famous:

1. Michelangelo 
Best known for his sculpture work and painting, Michelangelo was also recognized as one of the best designers. His work is still reveled today. He was even one of the first to defy tradition and try a different style. In 1523, the Pope asked Michelangelo to design a library above a convent. Breaking out of the classical style, he constructed the Laurentian Library.

2. Mimar Sinan 
While Michelangelo was in Italy, Mimar Sinan was in the Ottoman Empire designing more than 300 structures. He is often recognized as the most influential Turkish architect in history. Mimar Sinan perfected the domed mosque form. He became chief of the Imperial Architects in 1538.

3. Louis Henri Sullivan 
Known as the “Father of the Skyscraper,” Sullivan was one of the first architects to design skyscrapers. He began implementing steel to allow for taller structures. He also began incorporating natural elements and geometric figures. After the Great Fire of 1871 in Chicago, Sullivan was able to reconstruct buildings with his innovative style.

4. Antoni Gaudi 
Gaudi is the most famous designer from Spain following his renowned takeover of the city of Barcelona. Throughout the city, Gaudi’s style is seen, a bizarre mixture of neo-Gothic, surrealistic, and avant-garde.

5. Ieoh Ming Pei 
This celebrated architect from China studied in the United States and joined modern and traditional methods of design – what he calls the “impossible dream.” He is also known for his work in Brutalism and using bold forms. The notorious glass pyramids in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris are his most recognized works.

6. Frank Lloyd Wright 
Wright is probably the most acclaimed of all home builders and designers. Sullivan was his early mentor and similar to his teacher, Wright developed his own unique style. Wright was most in tune with the Prairie School of architecture, and so he created many homes and buildings with this approach. His most well known work is the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, which is viewed by thousands of residents and tourists weekly.

From all over the world, innovative home builders, architects, and designers have been creating and constructing different types of buildings that we still see today. These are considered works of art because we still admire them today. Students are still learning about these people in their classrooms and trying to emulate them.

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