Social Media SEO Resources To Improve Your Search Ranking

A while ago SEO revolved around two things: using the right keywords and having authoritative sites linking back to your content via inbound links. When social media came along, it changed everything.

Currently, search engines are incorporating social signals to inform search results. Due to the change in the way that search engines are working, it’s paramount that you use social media for SEO purposes. If you are wondering how you can go about it, here are tips to help you out.

Boost your images

Images have been found to be very strong in improving the ranking of your site. To improve the ranking of images, here are six tips on how to go about it:

You should add your target keyword in the file name, caption, and in any links from other pages to your image or to the page that your image is embedded.

In situations where images are not shown in a browser such as when a visually impaired person uses a screen reader, it’s recommended that you add descriptive text to the image alt.

This is not only helpful to search engines, but it also makes it easy for the user to make use of the images.

While it’s recommended that you use descriptive text containing your keyword of choice, you should avoid stuffing long strings of keywords in the alt text. This is because this will bring about dilution of the meaning and usefulness of the text.

If you are having problems with getting images into search engines or you want to show that some images are less important than others, you should add image specific tags to a sitemap.

Make use of authorship metadata on Google+

Authorship is the most important feature on Google+. This is because it allows the author’s picture to appear next to search results of the content that they have created.

Due to the importance of this feature, you should ensure that you add your face to your content. When adding your photo, you should also add descriptive text containing your target keyword.

Make social sharing easy

To ensure that your content reaches thousands of prospects, you should ensure that the content can be easily shared on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Here you need to ensure that your content is interesting and easy to read. You should also ensure that the social sharing buttons are strategically placed on your site.

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