Sporting Goods Stores Know Where You’re Hiding Money

What if you could make a little money, get in better shape, and do something you enjoy? What if you could do all of that with one simple act? Smaller scale sporting goods stores will gladly recycle and reuse your old athletic equipment and pay you for the privilege. Some places will also allow you to use trade-in credit to pick up some new gear and a new hobby to keep you active and fit.

Some larger retail chains have moved away from used items and trade ins. But smaller shops still actively engage in buying and selling used gear. Whether you simply stopped using certain items or your children have outgrown their old equipment, most quality items can be easily salvaged and continued to be enjoyed by someone else for years to come.

So here’s what you do: Go through your closets and garage for old, unused sport or exercise stuff. Now, you could host a yard sale and see what luck you have unloading each thing individually. Wouldn’t it be easier, however, to pile everything in your car and haul it down to one of your local sporting goods stores? A store associate will then review what you bring in based on brand, quality, demand, and inventory.

Depending on how much you bring in, it could take some time for the total value to be determined. While you are waiting you can browse the shop and decide on a new activity to take up or maybe rediscover an old passion for a particular sport. Either way, the employee will come let you know what your used things are worth. You have a choice to then get paid in cash, or to have it applied toward the purchase of something there. The latter option will usually garner a higher value for those planning on picking up some new equipment.

As a general rule, keep in mind that the amount your items are worth will vary depending on the demand of the particular activity in your area. For instance, don’t expect your hockey pads to fetch too much money in the south where hockey is not really as celebrated or followed as football. Other things like fitness and exercise equipment will have a more standard value, no matter where you’re located.

Wouldn’t you rather your old, neglected sports gear have a new life with someone excited about using it? At least consider that instead of continuing to let your equipment waste away in the back of a closet or in boxes out in the garage, you can make some money during the trade-in process. Sporting goods stores know the value of certain goods, and sitting there and would love to trade or pay for your gear and equipment. Get your stuff together, make some money or bring home something new, and make someone else’s day for nothing more than cleaning out things you don’t use anymore anyway.

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