Strategies With Spread Betting

When it comes to spread betting, there are few things you should know. There are different strategies and tips you can use in order to anticipate movements better and lower your risks given the fact that your own money are involved and your purpose is to win more money not to lose what you have when you start betting.

A first strategy, for instance, has to do lowering risks. For instance, you can set a limit which is your total loss limit and beyond which you don’t trade. You can go for a limit order. This way, when a certain limit is reached, you cannot bet anymore. Also, you can go for the guaranteed stop limit, which is also known as the controlled risk bet, but which is different from the stop loss. Another less theoretical strategy imposes that you never bet after drinking alcohol or after smoking pot. This way, your risks are maintained within controllable limits, while if you bet when you are in these two situations, your judgment is severely altered and you cannot make the best decisions.

Other strategies when it comes to spread bets have to do wit the timing. According to specialists, it is not good to bet in the morning because the markets aren’t settled yet. Also, you shouldn’t bet during the last hour of the day because the markets aren’t settled then either. Therefore, the best time for betting is during the day, starting half an hour after the markets have opened. This way, you are sure that you are betting when the markets are stable.

These are only very few strategies related to spread bets but such strategies are very important if you want to make money and not lose everything you have for a whim or because of your stubbornness.

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