Summer Driving Tips for Professional Drivers

The individuals who specialise in the organisation of cargo logistics will undoubtedly appreciate the importance of ensuring driver safety. They may take responsibility for the purchase of vehicles with high safety ratings and fleet owners may even demand the creation of documents pertaining to worker safety at different times of the year. Logistics personnel should pay particular attention to the summer driving guidelines mentioned in this article.

Ascertain Road Conditions

Delivery drivers and staff required to schedule the delivery and collection of specific items should always listen to up to date road reports. It is important to provide information regarding tailbacks and pile-ups so that the drivers have the best chance of satisfying the expectations of customers. Drivers are also encouraged to leave early in order to ensure the timely delivery of essential goods. Unfortunately there will be an increased chance of road work delays during the summer months so this should be taken into consideration.

Perform Vehicle Checks

Professional drivers should conduct regular comprehensive checks to ensure their vehicles can withstand the rigours of summer motoring. It may be necessary to top up the engine oil, coolant and washer fluid tanks and it is also worth checking the tread and pressure level of the vehicle’s tyres. Replacements may be necessary in order to minimise the risk of accidents on hot summer tarmac.

Consider the Issue Of Personal Safety

Summer is a particularly busy period for the vast majority of professional drivers. Some of them accept additional local contracts while others take the opportunity to arrange more long-distance deliveries. Cargo logistics managers may also have to schedule the collection and transportation of more items, however it is absolutely essential to consider driver safety as the main priority. Breaks should be scheduled at different times of the day and vehicles should also be equipped with safety kits in case of accidents or pile ups in busy traffic.

Look Out For Other Road Users

Delivery workers can expect to encounter a relatively high number of pedestrians during sunny days – certainly more than in adverse weather conditions. They should also account for the bicycle users and motorcyclists who will be out and about on summer evenings. Delivery vehicles should be fitted with sensors and extended mirrors for enhanced safety.

Purchase the Necessary Cover

Individuals with responsibility for cargo logistics should ensure that all fleet members are covered against unexpected eventualities. Workers should obtain a policy that acts as a financial safeguard in the event of hot weather vehicle repairs, and also purchase dedicated roadside assistance cover.

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