Survive the Coming Depression

There is a worldwide mood change to pessimism. I am a follower of the new science of socionomics that follows societal mood swings as they wax and wane. Find out more about this new study and the Elliott wave principle at my website – an important source of information you need to survive the coming Greater Depression. The crash that started with the year 2000 dot com stock mania bubble bursting is coming on strong and won’t bottom until 2016.

The mood of the people is getting downright nasty. In a recent poll, 54% said they think there is further downside to the recession. Wealth can evaporate into nothingness. Real estate deflation has reached 50% in some areas. Trillions of dollars are gone. Poof! Stock and bond markets are jittery and topping. A FLASH CRASH drops the DOW 998 points in minutes.

The real top in stocks was the year 2000 dot com mania bubble climax top and crash. We have been living on both borrowed time in addition to borrowed money. We are 11 years into the Greater Depression. The bottom won’t be until 2016 or so and then the economy may flatline for years if governments try their Keynesian monetary tricks again. The cure to credit inflation is always a nasty credit deflation – Austrian Economics says it happens that way every time. Stability will only return when there is private gold backed money. Don’t let government control the money. Still – Cash is KING in deflation. Don’t forget it.

You can plan on a 90 per cent drop in the price of most assets. Why? All the governments in the world put together cannot stop the deep destructive deflationary depression coming our way.

What is deflation? It is the popping of the crazy credit mania bubble climaxing an 80 year Kondratiev wave of inflation leading to deflation. This is also called a Kondratiev long wave. Nikolai Kondratiev gave his life for it. See story at site.

The only cure for inflation is a deflation. All credit inflations end in a credit deflation crash. You can expect a 90% drop in most asset prices and 50% unemployment into 2016 -2018. Sorry! Austrian economics says so.

This economic SEA CHANGE will be devastating if you are not prepared ahead of time. Hurry before it is too late! Save yourself and your family so that you can stay out of the soup lines and tent cities.

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