The Benefits of Using Proper Waste Management Techniques in Business

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, all commercial enterprises can benefit from waste management techniques that are effective. Inefficient practices will only waste your money and contribute to the planets problems with climate change and pollution. Business waste includes everything that is thrown away or disposed of and all businesses create it, some on a large scale. Legislation places a duty of care on businesses to dispose of their waste in a responsible way. In the UK more than 100 million tonnes of waste are generated every year by households, industry and commerce, the majority of which ends up being incinerated or dumped in landfill.

Managing your business waste stream will have a significant impact on your profits as well as the environment. Proper waste management isn’t free but poor techniques will mean your company is throwing money down the drain. They could cost you nearly 5% of your yearly turnover. And it won’t get better unless you change the way you dispose of your waste. Costs will continue to rise over the next few years because new legislation is determined to make landfill disposal more and more expensive.

Good waste management techniques indicate to customers, partners and other business owners your commitment to improving your company’s environmental performance. This creates a positive image and will be valued by all those you work with and bring loyalty and improve your public relations. Eco-savvy customers often ask for a company’s “green” credentials to check they’re contributing in a positive way to the future of the planet. When you’re negotiating future contracts you may find your proposal is turned down if you don’t have an effective environmental policy in place. And that includes utilising proper waste management techniques.

Some Interesting Figures

  • If double-sided printing was used all over London the paper saved would wrap the Earth four times
  • Paper and cardboard makes up 60% of office waste and it’s all recyclable
  • 60% of business paper and cardboard is currently not recycled
  • 1 tonne of recycled cardboard saves 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 4100 kw/hours of electricity and 2 cubic yards of landfill
  • It takes a forest the size of Wales to supply the paper used in Britain in one year

The Benefits of Good Waste Management

  • Environmental

Waste minimisation saves on resources, which further leads to reduced waste and pollution. As industry works towards consuming less raw materials it’ll use less fossil fuels and result in less pollution. The majority of solid waste currently ends up in landfill but the risks involved in this are now better understood. Effective waste management is a proactive approach to reducing a businesses impact on the environment.

  • Economical

Minimising packaging and waste costs are the ultimate aim. It will become more and more expensive to send rubbish and waste to landfill so it’s a commercial duty to find alternatives that are cost-effective and safe for all concerned.

  • Positive PR

Concern for the environment rates high within your local community and a transparent waste management program will show your commitment to playing your part.

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