The Best Investment Strategy For the Consistent Growth of Your Equity

The challenge of any investment is to turn your money into more money within the shortest period of time possible. That is why you invest, and that is why you always estimate how much will you make from your investment and how long will it take for the expected return to go into your pocket.

Now, doing this with a regular investment product such as a bank CD is easy because you have a fixed annual rate and all you have to do is write a check, make a deposit and your investment is up and running, while you wait anxiously for that year to go by so you can get the expected return, a big fat 2%.

It is a lousy return, but it is the safe way to go, as you know that your money is being managed by experts (or that is at least what we like to believe) and on top of that, your deposit is insured by the FDIC.

This reflects a bit of a general rule, less risk means a lower return and more risk means a higher return. Since taking financial risks “safely” is not an easy task, mot people choose to have their money managed by third parties such as that bank offering the 2% a year CD, it less money, but it is also a smaller risk.

But what if instead of letting others manage your risk you would learn how to do it yourself in safe fashion thus getting higher returns?

This proposition may sound scary to some, but I know it also sounds appealing to many, and the reason for it is that if you decide to acquire the know-how and the tools to accomplish this goal, your returns will be significantly higher without the need for you to become a reckless risk taker.

Think about it, you are simply cutting the “middlemen” between you and your money that would otherwise be handled by a big boy that is sure to make some real good returns for himself while you settle for your 2% annual yield.

Therefore, if you want to see a consistent and significant growth of your equity you have to take the step of becoming your own money manager, this has to be your goal and your primary strategy.

However, you must be aware that investing yourself is not as simple as wanting to do it, it requires education and serious preparation, so if you decide to move forward and go for the big numbers, just make sure you are building a solid know-how to back your endeavor.

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