The Best Types of Investments That Give a Fast Return

Passive Income Idea 1 Buying Call Options

This strategy actually works best if you are in and out of a position within a short time frame, as time is working against you.

If you think that a stock is going to make a big move to the upside but you don’t have a lot of money, this is a strategy that uses significant leverage to give you gains in the triple digits. If you are buying call options on volatile stocks and your timing is correct, you can easily double or triple your money in one day.

I would suggest you paper trade first to get familiar with how this works and to see the numbers for yourself. This method DOES work. I routinely do this strategy using about $1,000 and double my money within an hour of the market opening.

Yep, I consistently make 100% on my money (in an hour of trading) with this strategy. The key is to choose the right stock.

Passive Income Idea 2 Buying Put Options

This is basically the exact opposite of buying a call option on a stock. If you think a company’s stock price is going to tank or go down in value, you can buy some put options on that stock.

This limited risk, huge reward strategy can be very lucrative and the returns (like call option buying) are very quick if you time it right.

To test my theory I did some research and picked two stocks.I was bullish on one stock and bearish on the other stock. I bought call options on the bullish stock and bought put options on the bearish stock. When the market opened, the bullish stock went up and the bearish stock went down.

Both my put options and call options doubled in value in less than an hour.

Passive Income Idea 3 Mystery Shopping

If you don’t want to speculate in the stock market you can give mystery shopping a try. With this strategy you get paid to shop and report on your experience.

In some cases you will be paid a commission to go to a store and inquire about a product. In other cases you will be asked to purchase something and then you will be reimbursed for what you bought….PLUS you will be allowed to keep what you bought.

The more you do this the more lucrative the shopping assignments get. Some beginning assignments are as high as $80. Commissions for mystery shop assignments are usually paid out monthly.

There is no fee to become a mystery shopper.

Passive Income Idea 4 Write Articles

There are many outlets, and I do mean MANY outlets where you can get paid to write articles. Some examples would be Yahoo’s Associated Content, Wealthy Affiliate’s Job board, and you could also partner up with some internet marketers who need some original articles written.

You don’t need to be VERY educated to make money from writing articles. The only requirement is that your article is “ORIGINAL”, has “400 words or more”, and is informative…although that last part tends to be optional.

You can get paid as much as $30 to write one article, although it is more common to get around $15 per article.

You can find some of these services for free or you can join an internet marketing company and promote yourself as an article writer for hire.

Payments would be 30days or less.

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