The EE Series Bonds Value Calculator – A Vital Financial Tool

My first ee Series Bonds Value was a special gift given to me by my parents on my wedding day. They bought them directly from the US Treasury Department website called Treasury direct. Other ways that can be used to buy them is through banks or even through a payroll savings plan. These bonds are also a smart way to invest for the future because unlike the local banks, their interest rates are quite high. They are also guaranteed because as long as the government is in business you will get paid.

To calculate the value of my bond I went to the Treasury Direct Savings Bond Calculator. The website is found by a simple search of Google. I then entered the denomination of my bond, followed by the bond’s serial number and the date that it was issued. The format for inputting the date is starting with the month, followed by the year it was issued. I then pressed the calculate button on the website to see the value of my bond. I was even able to calculate the future values of my bond by changing the date.

I am able to invest in these savings bonds for as little as $25. The face value of these bonds range from as little as $50 to $10000. They cost one half of their face value. For example my investment in $10000 EE Series bonds will cost me $5000. Even my children can own them as part of their investment for the future even though they are still minors. I am also exempt from paying any income tax from this investment.

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