The Five Types of Investors – Which Type of Investor Are You?

Investors are a dime a dozen, and there are countless ways to invest money into thousands of different markets. Successful investors are knowledgeable in multiple markets, generally specializing in more than one, so as not to keep all their money in one place. When first starting out in investing, it may be a good idea to look into an investment club which provides many opportunities for the new investor. There are five types of investors that fit well within the investment club structure:

1. The “I’m not ready to go out on my own!” Investor: This investor is someone who just does not yet have the expertise or knowledge required to be successful in any market. By participating in an investment club, this investor will learn from a pool of like-minded people on how best to invest their money, make smart financial decisions, and manage their money.

2. The “I am passionate about learning new things!” Investor: This investor is a person that loves to continually expand their world with new things, new ideas, and new people. Investment clubs are designed to explore the wide world of investing and educate members by having them participate first-hand.

3. The “I love to socialize AND make money!” Investor: Some people join investment clubs simply because they enjoy meeting new people, team problem-solving, team planning. With online investment clubs being all the rage, people from anywhere in the world are able to participate, pool their resources, and have fun doing it.

4. The “I want to make extra money for college/retirement/vacations” Investor: These days, it seems that everyone is looking for ways to supplement their income. It could be to pay for tuition or plan retirement or even to add to a limited income due to retirement. An investing club offers direction and education, and that helps avoid the dangers of a trial and error approach.

5. The “I want to invest but do not have a large amount of funds to start with” Investor: Most people don’t have large sums of money sitting around, but they do have an extra $20 a month to add to a pool of money to be invested as a whole. Given that starting out alone with such a small initial outlay can prove near impossible, pooling resources with an investment club is an ideal solution.

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