The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History and How to Profit Now

We are living throughout the greatest wealth transfer in the history of man kind that is taking place right now as I write this and if you are among the 95% of people in the world who are unprepared for this transfer then your wealth will be transferred away from you into the hands of those who are prepared, in short you may lose everything.

The good news is that if you are among the few who are prepared and positioned to take advantage of this wealth transfer then you will not only know how to profit from this but you will thrive as your portion of the worlds wealth transfers right into your hands. The only thing stopping you from going from one who is unprepared to one of the few who are prepared to welcome this wealth transfer is your decision to become that person.

Now more than ever before people need to know how to protect themselves and their families as we experience massive global change.

Everyone must know how to profit from this wealth transfer that has already begun and is taking place each day as the majority of the population continues on with their day-to-day routine with no idea of what is really happening around the world.

You see with economic chaos also brings incredible opportunity to create massive wealth and just like during the Great Depression where more millionaires were created than any other time in history this same opportunity is available right now as I write these words but this time the wealth transfer will be much larger and therefore the opportunity to become a millionaire and create massive wealth is much larger as well.

We are now in the process of the greatest wealth transfer in history.

One thing everyone must know right now is that there are 2 sets of rules when it comes to investing, protecting and creating wealth in this new economy that we are now in.

The first set of rules that says to save your money in dollars or some other fiat currency rather than real money such as precious metals and other assets that the middle class has been playing by all along that has led to financial loss and continued frustration by so many over the last few years as most are left wondering what they could do differently.

Then there is the second set of rules that the rich have been playing by where they save their money in real money, in precious metals and other assets rather than in fiat currency allowing them to experience record profits at the very same time.

In addition to that it is essential that everyone knows and understands that throughout history there has been a 7 step process that has repeated over and over again for thousands of years that allows anyone to understand how economic cycles work.

Here is a basic description of this 7 stage process.

First a country starts out with good money that is either gold or backed by gold.

Next as a country develops economically and socially it begins adding more social and work programs and along with that more economic burden.

Then an increase in its spending occurs to fund their massive expanding military.

After spending massive amounts of money on their military a country puts it to use by going to war.

To fund that war a nation starts replacing its peoples’ money with a currency that can be created in unlimited quantities through some form of printing or diluting of that currency which causes an expansion in the currency supply. Where eventually a good currency becomes a fiat currency that is not backed by gold but instead only by the full faith and credit of that particular government that says what its currency is worth.

With this increase in currency supply also comes the next stage of this process which is inflation, which is an increase in price of major commodities such as food, energy and gas for example that is eventually felt by the population as faith of the currency begins to decrease.

To give you a better understanding of how this occurs take for example that since 2010 over just a 12 month period of time there has been an average increase in price of major commodities of 46% and as most are aware of the price of gas has gone through the roof and continues to climb.

So understanding inflation is quite simple, just think about that price of a car decades ago and look at the price now. It is not that the car became more valuable or better over this time period, it is that the currency, for this example the US Dollar became worth less and less as more dollars were created and put into circulation therefor it required more dollars to purchase that same car.

Then as this economic cycle continues the 7th and final step of this process is reached and the wealth transfer actually occurs where there is a mass movement out of the currency into precious metals and other tangible assets. Which causes that currency to collapse and massive wealth is transferred to those who positioned their money in the correct asset classes before this step was reached.

This is a basic picture of what is occurring right now as more and more money continues to be created out of thin air devaluing the currency in the process.

Once you understand this process you can see that here in the US we have gone through the first 5 steps already and that we are in the 6th step of this process making the move to the 7th and final stage of this economic cycle.

However we have not yet arrived at the 7th stage, we are as I mentioned still in the 6th stage but we are now moving into the 7th stage where massive wealth will be transferred to those who took action before hand to position their money in the correct asset classes and for those who chose to do nothing or turn the other way will most likely lose everything they now know.

Now that you understand this process you have a better understanding of where we are now economically and you can now make the decision to either act on this or just turn the other way, it is all in your hands.

If you would like to find out how you can protect yourself, your family and how to profit from this, positioning yourself to prosper from the Greatest Wealth Transfer in the History of Man Kind then this FREE Webinar is absolutely for you where you will learn more about this Wealth Transfer, more about what is actually happening behind the curtains to the US Economy and Globally so that you can make the best decisions that are right for you and your family.

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