The History of Twery’s

Twery’s was founded in Manhattan in the 1930’s by Mr. Twery. Twery’s prided itself on providing customers with gorgeous high-end antiques, house decor and jewelry. The business was eventually passed down to Mr. Twery’s son in law, Stuart Eber, who relocated down to Miami Beach and opened the business across the bay on the mainland in an area dedicated to art and fashion called “The Design District” where it stayed until the early 2000’s.

Twery’s became very popular amongst the locals for carrying the nicest antiques and jewelry. Stuart and his wife, Bertha, frequented Europe on trips to buy art and antiques to bring back and sell, which only added to great reputation of Twery’s. They continued to grow the business by importing fine goods from out of the country and meanwhile, their son, Seth Eber, began learning the business. Seth initially began learning by spending lots of time at the store and watching how the business worked. At this time, Twery’s continued expanding and began purchasing items from individuals locally. Seth continued this trend and eventually opened his own store while his father continued to run Twery’s.

After graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in Art History, Seth opened his first store at the popular Lincoln Road outdoor mall, where tens of thousands of people walk every day. He began by buying items like diamonds, watches, art and other jewelry while building relationships with other people in the business with whom to trade with. After several years in the business and gaining lots of knowledge and experience, he went back to Twery’s and slowly took the business over before his father’s retirement.

Several years later, the family decided to sell the building, and Seth relocated to Hollywood where he operated his business for several years. By this time, Seth had attained a great amount of knowledge and became a jewelry, diamond and art expert. He also brought in an old friend who was a coin expert to expand the business once again to be able to buy coins. This brought a whole new side to the business that was not there before and helped the business grow.

After several years at the Hollywood location, Seth moved the business north to Lake Worth, Florida into a larger store with an even larger staff. He retained his coin expert, and added people to assist with online sales on eBay and the Twery’s website, and trained a few people in buying items from people who walk in the door. The business continues to grow to this day, and Seth plans to stay at that location until he retires.

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