The Importance of a Clean Fan Filter

Fans are important in the proper functioning of various pieces of equipment and appliances. Fans ensure the device is properly cooled to prevent the damage to any internal parts, especially electrical components. They come in wide variety of shapes and sizes, however it is important that all of them are cared for properly.

Different care for fans depends on the type of fan. Some are hard to see therefor their maintenance may be a bit trickier but is important to prevent unnecessary and inconvenient damage to the appliance or device. Many people may not even realize the importance a fan plays on the proper functioning of devices and appliance that they use every single day.

Computers, for example, use an internal fan to cool down their electrical components to ensure the device does not malfunction. Anyone who uses their computer for any type of reason, personal, school or business can attest to the importance of the data on the device. Loss of this data can be more than just an inconvenience in many cases.

Many fans depend on filters to run efficiently, protect the device from dust and debris and to keep all parts at an optimal temperature. Replacing these fans from time to time may be indicated by a manufacturer in the manual of the device, however some may require to be replaced by a professional. In some instances it may be necessary to replace a filter to prevent damage to the fan and cooling unit.

When replacing a fan filter it is important to know the size of the fan, which can range from 45mm to 120mm and even slightly larger and sometimes smaller. This can be found by measuring the existing filter, but may also be written in small print by or on the existing filter or fan. In some instances it may also be found in the manual or by contacting the manufacturer.

Cleaning the filter may also be a good way to prevent damage to the device. Filters can get clogged with dust and debris making them unable to function and filter properly. Especially in environments with a lot of dirt, pets, or smoke the cleaning of filters is of great importance to the life of the filter and the longevity of the equipment or device.

Cleaning filters is easy and, if provided, manufacturer suggestions should be followed. Forced air is the best option for cleaning out a filter but great care should be taken to prevent damage to the material. Vacuuming or running under cool water are also great options, however water should never be used without allowing the filter to dry completely. If the filter needs to be put back in right away then avoiding water altogether is the best option.

When the filter is out for cleaning it should be thoroughly inspected for any sort of damage. Damage or excessive build-up of debris can cause the filter to not work effectively and leave the device vulnerable to dirt and debris which can cause the components to break down rapidly. Once the internal components of a device are coated with dirt or debris they can begin to malfunction and in many cases even overheat making them a fire hazard.

The importance of a fan is undeniable in the proper functioning of many types of electronic and mechanical devices and equipment. The way these fans are cared for can have a direct effect on the long term use of them. Properly cleaning and maintaining the filter is very important to the life of the fan itself. Replacing the fan filter, whether a 45mm or 120mm, due to break down or manufacturer suggestion can ensure that the device is around to function for a long time.

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