The Importance Of The BBSA In The Blinds And Shutter Industry

As discussed before in a previous article of ours, the BBSA is an important group to be a member of, for any company who is in the blinds and shutter industry. When you are purchasing a product from a supplier, if they are a member of this association, this suggests that they are a legit and reputable establishment to be dealing with. So what is the BBSA and why is it so essential in the industry?

The British Blinds and Shutter Association

Buyers are becoming more weary and skeptical of businesses who do work for them. This is because not all tradesman and businesses have good intentions, and the fear of being ‘ripped off’ is more prominent than ever. If a customer deals with a disreputable business it can leave them financially and even emotionally wounded. So whether a buyer is a homeowner or a commercial company, they often want something more than words to assure them that their services are honourable.

National endorsement of a company whom a customer chooses to work on their premises is the best way to reassure a customer that the business is legit. In fact, being a member of an association like the BBSA is commonly a requirement for businesses to obtain work. This means that if you are considering to purchase a blind or shutter from a company, ensuring that they are a member of the BBSA is the best indication of their legitimacy.

Any company who is a member of the association has to meet standards which are declared in the Code of Conduct. The BBSA expects the highest standards of its members and therefore any company who displays the BBSA logo shows that they are abiding by the code of practice.

How to check or find a BBSA member

In theory, anyone could copy the BBSA logo, and claim that they are a member, so it may be worth doing some additional checks on the company. It is therefore suggested that you go directly to the association’s website ( Here you can use the search tool to find members by your location, or by their trademark/ name. This is the best and safest way to ensure that your supplier is not only who they say they are, but an honest and reputable company in the industry. This is the type of company that you should trust to supply you with blinds and shutters.

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