The IT Solution for Your Server Room

Are you looking for the ultimate IT solution for your server room? Then you need to get access flooring. Your server room is the hub of your work place and helps to control the main computer system and other technological equipment. An access floor will help you to maintain your IT server room to absolute perfection.

Raised flooring is the ultimate solution for your IT server room. Firstly, it will help to control the cabling. Your main computer system will require a lot of cabling in order for it to function properly. If this cabling is not controlled and placed in a systematic manner it could become damaged. On top of that it does take up a lot of space and the last thing you want is to have cabling lying all over your floor. This could cause potential accidents. With raised flooring you will not need to worry about this happening. Your cabling will be secured safely on the main floor that is already situated in your server room. Once this is done the access floor can be built over it. A raised floor is made up of floor panels, pedestals and stringers. The pedestals will be put onto the existing floor, with the stringer attached to support the overall structure. The floor panels will then be placed on top of that. Providing you with a floor that will hide away all of the important cabling.

Access floors for IT server rooms are also specially designed to decrease the amount of static that can be created from all of the cabling. These floors can come with anti static mats. These anti static mats are designed so that they will reduce or eliminate completely the anti static charges. Static charges can be dangerous, especially when computers are involved. When you do decide to install an access floor in your server room, make sure that you also get flooring that either has anti static technology installed, or anti static mats to go on top of the flooring. You will soon have an IT server room that is fully functional and safe.

What are the other benefits of access flooring?

There are many other benefits to using access flooring:

  • It will de-clutter the room
  • Piping, wiring and ducting can all be securely placed under the access floor
  • Will create through-the-floor air flow, providing a safer environment
  • Removable flooring will allow you easy access to any of the equipment that has been secured under the access floor

Access flooring is also known as raised flooring. Raised flooring does not necessarily mean creating an elevated flooring, you can use raised flooring to create a seminar room. The raised flooring can be staggered to create different levels of seating. This is beneficial when hosting a meeting that will require power point presentations. All of your employees will be able to see exactly what is going on comfortably, without being stuck squashed around a table. Creating a seminar room with raised flooring will help you to increase productivity in your office.

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