The Laws of Wealth Are For Anyone – Part VIII

This journey we have taken looking through the Laws of Wealth would be remiss without adding this final piece to the puzzle; with wealth comes the responsibility of giving back to the less fortunate.

I find that there are two types of wealth people. Many billionaires today (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet to name a few) have already made it known how they want to use their wealth to help those less fortunate. There are many other rich people who feel the same way.

Then you have those who will not give back. They accumulate great sums of wealth to lavish on themselves and their loved ones. When it comes to doing something great for others, they can never find the time to make it happen.

I hope that doesn’t happen to you. I believe that every person has a responsibility to their fellow man. I live in Southern California and almost daily I am stopped by someone at a gas station, mall or grocery store seeking aid. Instead of being aggravated that they are “bothering” me I remind myself that I am blessed to have a life that has not put me in their place. Then I feel a responsibility to give back to them as I can.

Here are some principles to keep in mind when dealing with the less fortunate;

1) Don’t be condescending – You never know how someone ended up needing help. Don’t make the mistake of thinking people are just losers and need to help themselves. I have seen husbands pass away and a wife with children lose everything through no fault of their own. Treat the less fortunate with respect.

2) Compassion goes a long way – Let compassion flow out of you like a river. People love to see you care as they see that you do care.

3) Use your wealth to help someone who can’t help you back- Give with no expectation of return from those you help. I believe that as we give it comes back to us, just not from the person we have helped.

4) Be grateful, always – This goes without saying. The one thing we all can flood the world with is gratitude. Be thankful for your education, accomplishments, family and the wealth you have accumulated in your lifetime. Let the world know that you know you made it because you worked hard and found help along the way.

There is no success found in solitude. Help others benefit from the wealth you acquire.

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