The Merits of Associating Your Business With Unashamedly Ethical

When you are on your path to success, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the mix of personal advancement and the thought of finally reaching your business goals. That is why several governing bodies and organizations exist to keep a check and balance of how businesses operate, such as the Better Business Bureau and the 
Unashamedly Ethical.

When the founder of the organization, Graham Power, mounted the organization, this is exactly what he had in mind. The vision for the organization is to create an environment wherein people achieve their business and organizational goals in the most ethical way possible. Given that this is what the organization is known for, it is but natural that it has helped launch the businesses who are signatories of Unashamedly Ethical.

Aside from the fact that the organization wants to elicit change within the organization, it also aims for this changes to transpire outside the organization. Through the combined effort of constantly rallying for an ethical way of life, and strong collaboration between its signatories, Unashamedly Ethical has slowly but impressively made a dent in the world. If promoting ethical practices is the life and blood of the organization, building relationships on the other hand, is the building blocks of it-making sure that the members work together to achieve a common goal is what helped the organization get to where it is now.

These goals may not always be easy to achieve, but the organization is confident that it will take a lot before the get derailed in achieving common good because they have a strong foundation. These foundations being:

1. The nature of the organization is to work in numbers. This is also how they try to go about their challenges. Each signatory is required to make a public commitment to always uphold good values. Having a number of people declare their dedication to uphold what is right can help them crush corruption and unclean living, because everyone on board is united against it.

2. There is an online directory of all signatories. To drive back to the founding values of the organization – Unashamedly Ethical, the organization feels the need to stay transparent whenever possible. What better way to express this that having all the names of the individuals and businesses who made the commitment to being ethical be up on a public domain?

3. There is also an ombudsman who oversees the operational aspects of the organization. They make sure to review all written complaints on their signatories, if any, making sure that they are publicly accountable for these complaints.

It is not easy being ethical, but it can be done. Moreover, many experts believe that displaying honesty, transparency, and reinforcing a business’ integrity through its ethical ways will definitely have a positive and sustainable effect to its growth.

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