The Minimum Ten Per Cent Strategy

Many betters have heard about the minimum ten per cent strategy, but few of them know what it really means. If you are a better and you have heard of this before, here is some further information on this topic.

First of all, you need to know that there are different rules and goals with this strategy and here they are. You will have five attempts and your initial bets will be of one hundred euros. Therefore, you will try to win five thousand euros starting with one hundred euros every time. The sensible thing to do when it comes to this strategy is to choose only our events the most and to choose them so that your final odd is not lower than 1.1.

The next step is to think of a money management strategy. Every time you triple your money, you put aside a part of the initial sum and your starting amount of money is upgraded every time you triple your money. In other words, you start at one hundred euros, you win three hundred euros, after which you put one aside and your new starting point is two hundred euros. The next time you triple your money, you put two aside and so on. You shouldn’t be hunting the lower odds, but only bet on the events you trust the most. This means that there can also be days when you don’t bet on anything.

You can choose any betting agency you want, but don’t try to place your bets at more betting agencies. Try to place the bet at least an hour before the start of the game and even post a justification for your prediction.

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