The Road to Success on the Informational Highway

What an awesome informational time we live in! It has never been easier to access knowledge than it is right now. With a few strokes of the keys, instant gratification can be achieved for whatever it is that we need to know about. My pursuit for making supplemental income and recession proofing my earnings has been successful solely because of the advancements of technology. Activity of this magnitude is not successful for a lazy mind, but if you have a busy brain (like I do) and are willing to put forth energy and determination you can make it work!

I do not consider myself a genius or a brainiac by any means. I am not a college graduate. What I do know about myself is that I am smart, tenacious, and a total go-getter! For years I have schemed and plotted on ways to get rich quick and generate income for my family. That is all I did, scheme and plot. I never really DID anything. I was completely devastated when I lost my job. It was a blow to our finances and a blow to my mental state. After a few weeks of wallowing in my own self-pity, I woke up and decided it was time to take action. The time was now. I might never get the opportunity or the time to try to carve my niche again. I started by signing up for some classes at our local junior college. I needed a brush up on being “tech savvy”. I also took a business course and a fluffy class that just peeked my interest for the heck of it. Then I set to work on the internet! I scoured, researched, read crazy stuff and was able to get enough ideas to start putting small concepts into play. I started with eBay, which I think for the beginner is a great place to start, and then to Craigslist. I looked into different programs, I bought into some programs and truthfully… some worked and some didn’t! I really just felt that at this point, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I was at least DOING something this time.

Then I came across something that really started my brain a buzzing! It was an article that sounded a lot like my own story. I was hooked. I needed to know more. After a few weeks of constantly thinking about this article I bought the book. This was the book that changed my life! It gave me a new and fresh perspective on how I looked at my finances and investing. This was the book that set me on my path of finding my niche and ultimately recession proofing my household forever. I love my new income and it has enabled me to delve into other passions that also provide income and the type of lifestyle that I want for my family.

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