The True Value of Investing

Warren Buffett, a popular investor and one of the world’s wealthiest people once said: “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

And you can have your spot under the shade too – through careful and prolific investments.

Though the current economic conditions may still seem unstable, the benefits of investing rings true in any market, and in any time.

Making investments means putting your money in something that would make it grow. Simply put, it’s also equivalent to making your hard-earned money work for you. Unlike saving your money in a bank, investing is focused more on getting returns.

Starting to invest though, is more than just about having the money. It is not just about knowing where to concentrate investing either.

First and foremost, it is about strategizing. Know what your objectives are – is it for education, retirement or business? According to Robert Kiyosaki, it can also be for three reasons: to be secure, to be comfortable, or to be rich. Whichever it is, your objectives would be your primary guide in building your investment portfolio.

Investing is not about random allocations or deciding based on popularity lists. You should choose your investments carefully, and go specifically with what works for your financial goals. Warren Buffett’s investment portfolio isn’t exactly what you would call an ‘all-star cast’, but it works really well for him.

Remember as well that when you invest your money, you look at it as being a part-owner of a company. You become part of its development and you benefit from its growth. Understand as well, that the world’s top investors didn’t get rich just by putting some money aside to let it multiply. Monitor your investments, and analyze their movements.

Investing is also about timing, and taking calculated risks. There may be instances that you have to hold off on putting in more money into an investment or you may have to completely let go (selling) of it. Either way, these are part and parcel of the process of investing.

And in comparison to savings accounts, your diversified investments offer both short and long-term financial benefits. It gives you the security of having an ’emergency fund’ that you can take out of when necessary, and still maintain growth. It also allows you to widen your horizon when it comes to future plans.

More importantly investing also helps you lay a solid foundation for your family’s financial stability, and a comfortable retirement for yourself.

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