The Various Types of Couriers to Cater to Your Every Need

There is no dearth of courier companies in any other country for that matter. Wherever you are, you don’t need to go very far in search of a good courier company that provides various kinds of services and cater to all your document or package shipping requirements. Basically all courier service providers offer the following types of services:

  • Basic Courier of Consignments – Every courier company provides this service of getting your parcel from one geographical point to another.
  • Couriers Providing International Services – These service providers provide courier services to take your consignment from one country to another. They may need to make use of roadways, seaways or airways.

List of Some International Courier Services

  • Express Document Courier that promises to deliver your consignment overnight (within 24 hours) and standard delivery that takes about 5 to 7 days time.
  • Less than 24 hours Express Courier – Some courier companies provide this service by which you may send packages under extreme emergency. The delivery is done on the same day. This service is only available in cities and the delivery point has to be in the same city.
  • Overnight Courier Service Overseas – For rather urgent delivery of documents and parcels abroad may also be done by the overnight service that reaches the consignment to the destination within a mere 12 to 14 hours.
  • Excess Baggage Courier – While on the move by air, your excess baggage that is not allowed to fly with you may be sent safely to the destination by express courier services.

A professional courier service provider offers reliable high quality service in reaching your personal documents, packages or official letters or parcels to any destination world-wide in no time.

The city – bred businesses like a law firm or other professionals, who are always in need for sending documents in time, make use of local couriers with the best reputation.

Whatever is the type of business that you are running, you are always in need for delivering papers and packages to other offices or clients anywhere in the globe. Entrusting the job to an experienced outfit in your city may be a great solution to your daily mailing needs. An express document courier comes to your rescue anytime you need quick and reliable solutions.

Courier companies mainly operate from their registered offices. But if the volume of documents and parcels to be delivered every day is quite high, they may also provide you with the facility of picking up the consignment from your doorstep.

The courier firm will pick up the parcels and assign a stipulated time for their delivery, based on urgency of the job, distance and locality of the destinations. Then they have their own numbering norms to follow, following which all the urgent local consignments are sent out to the offices of the firm closest to the destination for immediate delivery. The delivery is mainly done by delivery boys riding motor cycles. The international consignments are sent by sea or air depending on the plan that you have selected.

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