There Are Many Things to Think About When You Are Looking at Suspended Ceilings and Designs

Having a suspended ceiling in your office can have many advantages and can really help to make it look a lot better with minimum effort and without costing you a fortune in the process.

If you have just moved into an office and it needs brightening up, one of the things you may have noticed is that the ceiling looks a bit worse for wear. Having a suspended ceiling can cover this up. This is because they hang under the existing ceiling, effectively hiding it.

This is a good option to go for as it can give any office a more modern look. The tile and grid combinations can be suited to any office and can be customised to your tastes and to make sure it fits in with anything else that you may want to get done.

Not only this but if you are looking to replace just the ceiling in your office, whether it is the original ceiling or a suspended one, then this is something that you can do as it would refresh the look of your whole office.

Many offices have a suspended ceiling as a way of hiding any wiring that is needed for the equipment in their office. This is done because there is a gap between the original ceilings where the wires can be run. This therefore stops the unsightly look of wires around your office while at the same time promoting safety.

It is also an advantage if you are looking to conceal any pipework as well due to the fact that it will not be seen. Also, the tiles in a dropped ceiling are easily removed so that any maintenance work on concealed items in the ceiling can be done quickly and easily.

Before purchasing a suspended or dropped ceiling you need to consider what kind of working environment you have. Some may be loud whereas others will be quiet and you need to think what effect the acoustics will have on the rest of your workforce. These ceilings can help to minimise sound levels quite dramatically.

Another advantage of having this type of ceiling is for the lighting. One of the ways in which they can be customised is by having one of the tiles replaced with a light. This enables the light to be spread more evenly around the office while being able to get rid of the strip lighting which in some cases can be too bright for some people.

In larger or more compact offices there may be a need for an air conditioning unit to be installed. This is convenient in a suspended ceiling as they can go anywhere and also, all of the wiring can be hidden for it in the space above.

Due to safety regulations there may also be the need to have a sprinkler system installed in the event of a fire. The wiring can be hidden in the space above and this will provide peace of mind to employees in the event of an accident.

If you speak to a company about having one of these ceilings installed, they will be able to talk you through all of the different options that you can consider. They will ask some questions about your office size, amount of employees and what you are looking for before suggesting what they think would work best for you.

They will even be able to show you the many different ceiling designs that you could have. This can range from the material that the tiles are made from to their colour and shape. What you go for depends entirely on how you would want your office to look.

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