Thousands of Dollars Lost Because You’re Now An Aircraft Parts Babysitter

Do you feel out of control?

From delayed shipments and BER parts, to unaccountable partners.

You make decisions knowing, feeling, and thinking it was a good move.


But suddenly your decisions kick you in the butt taking you two steps backward.

You’re exhausted.

A quick 30 minute task turns into a daunting 2 hour mission.

This is the epidemic we call a flawed distribution strategy.

You do more of what you shouldn’t.

Chasing, screaming, and stressing.

Is it because you forgot to get diapers at the store?

Today, you and your team are more babysitters than strategist.

More often than not, you’re babysitting your aircraft parts suppliers and MROs.

You have a choice to make.

Either go get more diapers, or fire yourself as a babysitter.

Focusing away from your strengths is not a good idea

When you have to babysit your partners, you do more of the small tasks you shouldn’t be doing.

That’s inefficiency at it’s best.

It’s like a CFO shipping and receiving. The two just don’t make sense.

Your strong points are not stocking parts, knowing the ins and outs of the parts market, piece parting to reduce repair costs, or staffing for component distribution.

Your strengths are not the same as an MRO or an aircraft parts supplier. They are to find efficient ways to keep aircraft maintenance costs low and reduce aircraft downtime.

Your profit generating activities is keeping your aircraft in the air and profitable, not babysitting suppliers and MROs.

Right now, you spend to much of you and your teams time babysitting.

It is not in your best interest to: 

  • Follow up and babysit hundreds of vendors
  • Keep track of AWB #s
  • Review documentation for accuracy
  • Emailing RFQs and inputting hundreds of responses
  • Solving BER issues
  • Resolving cancellation problems
  • Piece parting your repairs
  • Finding efficient shipping methods
  • Solving supplier problems

Trust, it’s more than just a word

Your title is not “VP of Nanny Services”

By streamlining your focus and utilizing key strategic partners your life will be much easier and efficient. We’ve talked about the art of delegating before.

Choose your partners wisely. Are they easy to communicate with? Do they solve problems as they occur? Do they give you options to maximize your operational results? Do they have various programs and services for your unique operation? Do they have a total support program? Do you trust them?

Answering these questions will enlighten you into who you’re working with. Would you put your life and career into their hands?

You must be 100% confident in your partners. So confident, you’d put your career’s future in their hands.

Now that’s trust.

What does an effective aircraft parts strategy look like?

An effective aircraft parts strategy is incredibly simple… for you.

All you have to do is state your need and the aircraft parts should show up at your door as you need them.

Sound too simple?

Well it is.

Remember you do not have time to figure our where to buy aircraft tape, how to best ship your $80,000 INUs, or the best options to forecast consumable consumption.

Your strategic aircraft parts partner is competent enough to have these figured out already. They are the experts in this field, or at least should be.

This is why we rely on our strategic distribution strategy.

Stress is not your ally.

The more you’re stressed having to babysit, the less productive you’ll be

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