Tips for the Investors: Learn the Game Before Buying the Property

So many people now have been looking for property investment to build their portfolio and taking advantage of current global economic market. Due to recession nowadays, some have got no choice but to sell their house fast as they could not afford their monthly payment for their property. There are 2.47 million unemployed which according to statistics is the highest level in 16 years of which 821,000 have been so for 12 or more months. More so, in every 3.78 minutes someone is being declared bankrupt or insolvent. One property is repossessed every 14 minutes. The internet has now been the quickest way to reach the investors and the sellers. And it all begins with the property details completed on the website form and the lead is created.

There are investors who would prefer to see the photos of the property rather than going to see it. Two reasons for that is: One, time for them is precious and two, they wanted to act fast and they have the skills in finding out by looking at the pictures and by the use of internet would reveal whether the property is worth buying or not. It is true that it is not always necessary to visit the property before investing in it. Some are using the power of internet to get all the information they need and would get reports about the property and what it is really worth from its past to present value.

There are also cases where the investor is too far away from the location of the property and there is no way he can get there as soon as he pleases. As they say, time is money and why would you travel a hundred miles where you can get the picture via email in a few seconds? You can visit and check the property out some other time if you like.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages if you do not visit the property yourself before buying. One of the disadvantages is: there may be some work to do in the property; say, boiler is not working, maybe the gutter is falling apart, etc., in which has not mentioned by the seller. In this case, the investor needs to add up extra cost in order to take a new tenant in. And of course, one of the advantages for not visiting the property is that you save time and money for fuel costs. Also, you can confirm to the seller if you are interested to buy as quickly as you can as soon as you see the photos of the property. Normally, the seller would send photos of each room of his property including its garden and parking, if available.

You need to verify the income before making an offer. Use the internet to study the market prices and do not get so excited. Make a smart decision with all the information you have got. Check on the expenses and once you have come up with the net operating income figure, check it again and then you are ready to make an offer. Bear in mind to always think numbers as these numbers can bring you financial freedom before you know it.

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