Tips to Applying Anti Slip Traction Grip Tape

Anti slip traction grip tape is a popular option in businesses and homes throughout the world. This product is applied directly to your current floor surface, providing that extra grip and reducing the risk of accidents.

The product is very easy to apply and can take a short time to line an entire walk way. It is the perfect solution for urgent areas where risks have been identified and an immediate course of action needs to be taken. You don’t have to wait for a professional fitting company to arrive, this is a job that you can complete yourself with ease.

There are certain steps you need to take to ensure that the anti slip traction grip tape stays in place for an extended period without lifting.

One of the most important things to remember when applying this product is to ensure the original surface is clean and dry. For industrial and business premises, it’s advisable to use a high quality cleaner. Ensure you rinse the area well and it must be completely dry before you start your application process.

Cleaning and drying the original surface reduces the risk of the sides of the anti slip traction grip take from lifting. One of the most common mistakes people make is not applying to a bone dry surface, within days the edges can lift, posing a new range of hazards to those walking on the surface.

Decide where you want your anti slip traction grip tape to start and mark the area clearly. You will want to ensure you draw a straight line for the width of tape you have chosen. Now you are ready to start the application.

Slowly peel back a short length of the anti slip traction grip tape liner and place carefully on your line, pressing down firmly. You will want to avoid air bubbles and pockets, which can cause problems later on. Slowly press down the small section with your hand and rub along the line to ensure there are no bubbles caught.

A great way to do this is with a cloth, it makes it easier to rub the line. When you peel back the lining avoid too much contact with the adhesive, touch the corners slightly as you place the first bit down and then stay away from the adhesive completely.

With your first section down, you can pull another small section of lining away, rolling out the anti slip traction grip tape as you go, follow the same steps of pushing it down and ensuring you push any air bubbles out the sides as you go. The best way to achieve this is to start pressing in the middle and work your way out to the edges.

If you have a long corridor that you are working with and you need to use more than one strip of the anti slip traction grip tape, don’t make the mistake of overlapping the end of the first strip and the start of the next. Rather ensure you place the second strip as close to the end of the last strip as possible. A tiny gap will not affect safety in any way.

Overlapping them can cause problems later on, especially if the corners lift, causing your surfaces to become unsafe and causing a hazard which can result in accidents and claims against you.

This product is available in a choice of colors, sizes and shapes, making it ideal for any home or business environment. You can match the color to your d├ęcor or company logo with ease, ensuring it doesn’t look out of place to visitors.

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