Tips To T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is in fashion since many years as a way for companies to promote themselves, often making it part of their uniform, informing customers, visitors and patrons that the people wearing them are staff.

This has evolved dramatically over the years and companies now offer these items to loyal and regular customers as a token of their appreciation, which means that a customer will wear the item when they leave the home, promoting the business to other people and ensuring your company gets the brand visibility it deserves.

T-shirt printing is the ideal way to market your business and its something that every company considers as part of their marketing campaign, whether you intend handing them out to loyal customers, making them part of the uniform or selling them to customers. Remember staff need to travel to and from work, which means that if they are wearing their uniform, they are reaching hundreds of people every week.

When designing your product, it is very important to consider it as an art piece and you should put as much effort into it as you did your business cards, leaflets and other promotional materials.

The first thing you need to take into consideration is where people will wear it. If a customer purchases one or you give one to a customer, when do you think they will wear your design? that’s why the quality of the product is so important. A good quality item is more likely worn than the one is made of a poor quality fabric with disappointing artwork.

The next major decisions about your t-shirt printing is the message you want to convey. You may want to only have your company logo and name on one side, maybe with a slogan across the back or you may want to fill the front of the shirt with a design that will make a lasting impression.

Whatever you choose remember that you are promoting your company, so you need to keep it clear, crisp and professional. Keep your colours as simple as possible, this not only improves the design, but can help reduce your marketing budget. The more colour you use, the harder the design, the more expensive it becomes to finish.

Remember you are not printing on paper but on fabric. This means the fabric needs a high quality, because of course fabric absorbs the ink. This means that colours may come out different to what you are expecting. It is always advisable to make sure the printer will take this into consideration while managing your t-shirt printing job, so you are relaxed of clean and crisp colours which are visible with ease.

Because of this reason, it’s advisable to steer clear of fine details. Ensure your logo is clear and your name gets printed without shading and too much detail. Stick to the simplicity side of things and your design will come out exactly as expected.

Once you have your design chosen and you’re about to start your t-shirt printing process, you may want to pay attention to the type of customers you have. Consider genders, some shirts are better suited for men than women and vice versa. It a good idea to get shirts that are uni-sex or get some printed for men and the balance for women.

The next thing when choosing t-shirt printing is to get a variety sizes to accommodate all your staff and customers. You want to keep a choice in stock so they are readily available as and when needed.

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