Top 10 Savings Accounts in UK – How to Find the Best Savings Account?

There is lot of savings accounts available in UK. You have to spend some time to analyze the best savings option that would help you.

The top 10 savings accounts that are available in UK are listed below for your reference. 

  1. RBS UK Growth Early Kick Out plan (Growth Plans)
  2. Morgan Stanley – 6 Year FTSE Income plan (Income Plans)
  3. Investec – 5 Year FTSE 100 Bonus Income Plan 9:
  4. Bank of Baroda – Baroda Max 5 Year Fixed Rate Bond.
  5. ICICI Bank: – HiSave 5 Year Fixed Rate Account
  6. Investec – 5 Year FTSE 100 Income Plan 12: (Income plans)
  7. Barnsley – 4 Years Online Bond
  8. Lloyds TSB – E-Bond – 3 Years
  9. Coventry – 2 Year Fixed Bond
  10. ING Direct Savings Account

How to find the best savings account?

The returns that these schemes would give depend on various factors. So you should first read the prospectus of the scheme carefully before investing. You should stay invested in the scheme for the terms they have mentioned. If you withdraw your amount before the period, then there is a chance of not getting the full interest that is assured for the particular scheme. The returns also depend on other factors like “Inflation”. Some schemes also invest your money in risk, where there is a chance of losing your capital amount. So it is your duty to check the terms that are listed for a particular scheme before investing. Once you read all the details, you can choose the scheme that would suit your purpose.

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