Top 3 Private Equity Firm Directory Resources

A common question is how the information provided within private equity firm directory or database resources is gathered. While this is enormous topic to discuss where over 1,000 individual PE or buyout firms are found and how over 18,000 fields of data are filled we have narrowed it down to the top 3 private equity firm directory resources.

  1. Relationships– The first and greatest source of provided information contained within the PE firm directory resource comes the professional and personal relationships made throughout the industry. They key to developing a complete directory of PE firm listings is the need for key personnel contact names within the directory resource along with a way to contact those individuals. The personal office phone numbers, personal cell numbers and personal e-mail addresses are usually given to trusted individuals who they know will use the information for professional purposes. It is though the cultivation of these relationships that in depth and professional quality databases are able to made and updated.
  2. Conferences– During each national and international meetings, personal meetings and interviews with various PE firms allow for the continued creation of these resource lists. However, it is interesting to note the interconnected relationship within the PE industry. The brief and initial meetings made at these conferences often develop into the relationships described in item #1.
  3. Internet– Lastly, the internet has allowed for instantaneous searches into new information and press releases on news within the private industry. In today’s technological and knowledge based society, it is necessary to keep an online presence in order to compete.

Relationships, conferences and the internet are the top 3 sources of information which are used to create PE firm directories and other resources. Each of these categories are used and cultivated to create and develop professional, high-end database and directory resources on PE and buyout firms.

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