Top 4 Tips for Identifying Leading Family Office Firms

It is always best to meet in person with potential investors yet everyone wants to work with leading family offices, so how do you identify the firms that are located near your offices? This article provides advice on this very topic and the following strategies should help you identify these groups: 

  • Attend every local investor, investment, and wealth management association and industry event within a 2 hour flight of your home office. Keep your eyes open for the names of FOs you know there in attendance.
  • Search within your local FO directory of database within your state and city and nearby locations to identify more leads
  • Search through wealth management, RIA and other online directories of financial advisors to see if some of them work within a larger well known FO.  
  • When you connect with a large investor group or HNW wealth manager meet with them in person immediately if possible, get to know with them and try to become business friends
  • Even though much of the industry is based on performance and numbers people still like to do business with their friends more than anyone else, keep that in mind while you are setting up meetings and holding conversations. Be more human than the next person while still acting professional.

If you follow these tips you should be able to identify and start to work with some leading family offices or high net worth wealth management firms.  Often times this is first part of actually getting connected and getting the relationship started is the hardest so if you can get past this challenge and secure just 3-5 investments from this niche of investors you may go on to do very well for yourself. It is worth the hard work, good luck.

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