Top Three Things Electrical Contractors Do

Have you ever wondered specifically what types of jobs electrical contractors do? Knowing this answer before you call one can make the process easier. The most popular requests electrical contractors receive are explained below.

Renovation and Remodeling Projects

Whether extensive renovating of an older home, or just improving a modern home is your goal, electrical work is often involved. Converting a prior bedroom into a home office is a qualifying remodeling job. Jobs like this could require upgrades such as replacing unsafe or outdated wiring to adding entirely new fixtures. Because older homes were usually built with few electrical outlets, when remolding a room it may be necessary to create more. Electrical contractors easily do this task.

Residential Services for Homeowners

Eventually, homeowners will need to do some kind of electrical maintenance to their homes. This could involve maintaining outdoor and inside lighting, simple installation of new ceiling fans and chandeliers, or installing new walkway lights and other outdoor accent lights.

Upgrading electrical panels is another common residential service that homeowners call about. Older panels can’t handle the power required by a modern home, and don’t have the space necessary to add more circuits. In cases like this, the only option is to install a new, upgraded panel.

When natural disasters occur, they sometimes damage wiring or fixtures. It is especially important the homeowner takes proper safety precautions after such a disaster, and calls for professional help.

New Construction Projects

New construction wiring is the most common service request qualified electrical contractors get. New construction can be either commercial or residential. They are often responsible for entire wiring schemes for the build, including the inside and outside fixtures and lighting. Construction projects like this can take months, or years to complete, depending on the scale of the build.

In some cases, electricians are called upon for an initial consultation before the actual construction build. During these consultations, the builder receives input about the overall electrical plan, as well as energy efficiency planning. They work together to create the best possible layout for the project, staying within the proposed budget.

If you need any of these services, go ahead and call one of your local electrical contractors for help. A consultation visit to see exactly what needs to be done will often follow the call. If it’s a simple job that can be completed during that first visit, such as a residential service call, your electrical expert will get it done right away. If it is more complicated and requires substantial supplies, you may have to schedule another day to have it done.

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