TradeKing Review – What Is TradeKing?

TradeKing is an online discount investment firm. You can buy, sell and trade stocks on this site for a flat rate of 4.95. That’s a great price considered that all other sites charge more than that. You can compare prices and it will be proven to you. Before we start talking about the ratings, let’s look at some of the features they have on the site.

  • TradeKing has free seminars, tutorials, and other material that you can look at to educate you on the investing process.
  • You can write checks from your account on their site. This feature is called check writing.
  • You can trade options with them. They have the second best price online.
  • Awesome customer service. You can find all the answers on the site easy, since it is easy to navigate. If you still have problem you can contact the customer service through the phone, instant chat, or email. You can expect answers as quickly as 5 minutes. The wait time on the phone can be under a whole minute just about everyday.
  • Graphs that show which of your investments could be a risk for you. This is a great way to see what you should invest in and what you might want to watch out for.
  • Tools and features like their pricing calculator, probability calculator, profit and loss calculator, strategy scanners, stock and mutual fund screeners, fixed income, auto trade, and many more. Not bad to be a discount brokerage firm.

Now after looking at these features you can see now why they were rated an 9 out of 10 for online brokerage firms. There is no way they couldn’t have been up there. TradeKing could have had a perfect 10 score, but because they don’t do Forex trading that knocked them down a star. They had to remove at least on major feature or they couldn’t be called a discount brokerage firm. Did you know that you can make 50$ just by referring a friend to the site? Did you also know that they pay up to 150$ in money transfer fees for those who don’t like their services? Even if you hate the site you still get to enjoy some of the nice features! This is sure to be a firm you want to stick with forever and a day.

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