Types Of Content That Will Help You Get More Traffic

If you are involved in content marketing, here are some types of content that will help you in getting more traffic to your site.


These are visual representations of information or data. According to various research studies, inforgraphics are usually loved, viewed, and shared more than any other types of content.

The good side with this type of content is that it can be used to communicate almost any idea or concept. To get inforgraphics you need to approach graphic designers. Although, inforgraphics are very effective, they can be quite expensive; therefore, you should have a high budget.


Videos tend to communicate messages in succinct and memorable ways. Research has shown that videos also tend to drive many people to your site. You should remember that videos are not just about moving pictures.

To be successful with videos you need to ensure that your script is right and the pictures are of high quality. If you can’t make your own videos, you should hire a specialist to do it for you.

Once you have high quality videos, you should put them on YouTube and Vimeo. This is because these are the most reputable video sharing sites thus they are great ways of garnering social signals for SEO.

Product reviews

Every industry has its unique array of software, products and services. To create a product review you only need to identify some of the most sought-after products in your area and share your experience with the products.

To create a good product review, here is the pattern that you should follow:

• Introduce the produce

• Introduce the producer

• Describe your product

• Share what you like about the product

• Share your dislikes

• Provide your recommendations

• Provide a call to action

You should note that if you have a physical product, you may be required to have a video. The video allows you to have a hands-on approach to the item as you review it.


People are always on the lookout for ways on how to do things thus how-to content is very marketable.

To write a How-to you only need to identify a problem in your niche and come up with a solution. The model of writing a how-to is simple:

• Introduce a problem

• Introduce the solution

• Discuss how you are going to solve the problem

• Summarize your discussion

• Provide a conclusion

For your content to be successful, you should focus on one topic and be thorough on that one issue only. To ensure that you are thorough, you should use diagrams, pictures, and even videos.

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