Types Of Stainless Steel Railing Systems.

Stainless steel railing systems are of different types. The most common ones are: Chicago round, Chicago square, and Miami round.

Chicago round

This railing system is made of round posts and square glass clamps and it supports two main sizes of glass: 3/8″ and ½”. When installing the systems you should ensure that the distance between posts is a maximum of 5ft for ½” glass thickness and a maximum of 4ft for 3/8″ glass thickness.

Chicago square

This system is made of square posts and square glass clamps. Just like the Chicago round system, this system also supports two sizes of glass thickness: 3/8″ and ½”. Also the recommended distance between the posts is 5ft for ½” glass thickness and a maximum of 4ft for 3/8″ glass thickness..

Miami round

This system is made of round posts, cable Enders, and cable tensioners. The systems look very elegant and they give your home a very elegant and modern look.

You can find posts of any height that you want. For example, you can find posts that are 36″, 40″ or even 45″ high. If you want posts that are of a different height, you only need to visit the manufacturer and the manufacture will make customized posts for you.

If you need a top rail, you can always buy a handrail bracket which is usually adjustable for stairs.

In addition to these systems there are many others such as San Francisco round, San Francisco square, Virginia round, Miami square, and Virginia square. Before you buy any railing system you need to do your research and determine the one that will be ideal for your home.

What makes stainless steel stainless?

The main material that makes stainless steel stainless is chromium. This is the material that makes stainless steel products to be resistant to corrosion. The material works by creating an oxide layer that prevents steel from coming into contact with oxidizing elements such as water, air and acids.

There are different types of stainless steel. The common ones: Austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, and duplex. These types of steels have different features and can be used in different applications.

Of major importance, the types have different amounts of chromium and carbon. You should note that higher the levels of chromium in steel, the more resistant to corrosion it is, while the higher the levels of carbon, the stronger the steel is. As rule of thumb you should buy the material that fits your application.

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