U.S.-Israeli Man Sentenced to 10 years for Bomb and Shooting Threats for Bitcoins

U.S.-Israeli Man Sentenced to 10 years for Bomb and Shooting Threats for Bitcoins

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Recently, a young Israeli-American man was sentenced to ten years in an Israel court for making over 2,000 bomb threats to different public facilities. The Jewish suspect was arrested by law enforcement in Israel back in March 2017.

The suspect offered his services on dark web marketplaces to make hoax bomb threats for about $240,000 worth of Bitcoins.

The threats were said to be made through emails and by phone calls between 2016 and 2017. These threats occurred at a time when anti-Semitism in the United States was raising much concern due to hate speech propagated through social media.

According to the court records, the suspect is said to have made 142 phone calls to different airlines, claiming that there were bombs which had been planted on board. He also called different airports to falsely alert them that they would be under an attack. This caused panic in the passengers who were on board, therefore, resulting in emergency landings, and sometimes the deployment of fighter jets to escort the passenger airplanes in case of attacks.

During the Tel Aviv court hearing, the suspect was charged with counts of extortion, disseminating hoaxes, money laundering, and, also, computer hacking. He was also accused of making shooting and bomb threats to schools, police stations, and airlines and airports from Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, and Australia.

According to the court documents, the suspect’s bomb threats culminated in the forced evacuation of U.S. Jewish community centers. This was taken very seriously by law enforcement who took action to investigate the case immediately.

Based on the psychiatrist report, the suspect was diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum and, also, was suffering from paranoid delusions. However, after a lot of consideration, the Tel Aviv District Court decided that he was fit for trial, and thus convicted him.

During the hearing, the young man was not named due to his age as a minor when the offenses took place. However, the same suspect was identified by the United States of America as Michael Kadar as he had been previously charged for hate crimes.

According to United States Department of Justice, the suspect made threats against a Jewish campaign group which is based in New York and Washington. He is also accused of making phone calls to a Jewish community center based in Florida, threatening them of a gun and bomb attack.

His arrest and conviction have raised much concern from the people he is closely related to, including his parents.

According to his parents, Kadar is suffering from a brain tumor and other mental health problems which caused his unwarranted actions. However, the court has declined their plea as they have deemed the suspect to have a very sharp mind and that he clearly fathoms his heinous acts. The judge continued to say that, if it were not for his mental illness, Kadar would be sentenced for seventeen years without parole.

The court was also not pleased by the fact that Kadar did not give the investigators the login credentials of his Bitcoin crypto wallet, where there is suspected to be more than $1 million’ worth of coins accumulated from dark web activities.

The suspect will remain behind bars for the next ten years until he regains his freedom. He will be a perfect example to other cyber bullies hiding in the corridors of the dark web and committing acts of evil. Due to the anonymity offered by dark web forums and other encrypted communication channels like the telegram, Reddit, and others, cybercriminals have had means for instigating their heinous acts.

His case has been classified under hate crime for using his computer skills to make threats and affect businesses negatively. A large amount of funds were said to be lost in the process of cancelling flights and investigating threats based on the hoaxes.

In the United States of America, hate crime has been on the rise, according to the latest report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Having risen by 17 percent from 2016 to 2017, it is a call for worry awaiting action by law enforcement. The FBI is not leaving anything unturned, and they are monitoring all social media accounts and dark web forums to bring the perpetrators to book.

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