Uses and Benefits of Gas Savings

Natural gas is an abundant and affordable energy resource. Although demand increases every day, people know very little about this topic. Information about the uses and benefits of gas savings is crucial for every family in today’s economy. As something that is used on a daily basis, it should be better understood.

The most common usage is in the home. We used it on a daily basis to help us cook our food and to heat and cool our homes. We also use it to travel, whether by car, motorcycle, or airplane. We use it as fuel in these vehicles. The manufacturing industry produces steel, glass, petrochemicals, fertilizer, and cement from it. Finally, we use it to generate electricity and for steam heat production.

Besides its many uses, we find a plethora of benefits with this affordable energy resource. The most important benefit is its abundance. In fact, it’s so plentiful that even with consistently growing demand, the Energy Information Administration estimates that we should be covered for the next hundred years.

Right now, this resource’s production covers most of the United States’ domestic demand. We even have enough to export some of it to countries like Mexico. The dry gas supply is imported mainly from Canada. The liquid gas supply comes from different countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Algeria, Qatar, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Indonesia. The domestic production comes from ten different states across the nation. Some of those states are Texas, Kansas, Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, and Colorado. It creates great revenues for these states and for the whole country. On top of this, the industry generates millions of jobs. In addition, most of the cost consists of infrastructure and not the fuel.

If you compare it with oil, only about a quarter of the oil demand is produced domestically. The rest consists in costly imports and results in unstable gasoline prices. Gas savings are huge when you compare them to oil. It’s about 20 percent cheaper than gasoline. If gasoline’s prices keep rising, the gap could become bigger and gas savings could be even better. While making comparisons, a big supply of gas costs about 50 percent less than a barrel of oil.

Another great benefit is that it’s clean. In fact, this innovative resource produces about 25 percent fewer emissions than oil and about 65 percent fewer emissions than coal. This makes it a very ecological source of energy in today’s world.

These are only a few of the many reasons why gas is a viable solution for today’s energy crisis. After knowing more information about this valuable natural resource in our own nation, you should be able to judge for yourself.

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