Vintage Watch Investment

When the average person thinks of investing, vintage watches rarely come to mind. The focus is usually on bonds, stocks or maybe real estate. Well, believe it or not, vintage watches are an excellent avenue for investment. Of course not all watches are equal, whether they be vintage or modern. Brands such as Omega, Patek Philippe, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin – to name a few, are well sought after brands and vintage watches from any of these manufacturers may be worth far more than a few pennies.

The prices that these brands garner are also largely due to the innovativeness and mechanics that are put into these timeless creations; and these watch manufacturers over the years, have consistently pushed the envelope in the design, creativity and the quality of their time pieces. Quality vintage / antique pocket watches are also always in demand. Where as the focus is on brands when it comes to wrist watches, this might not be the case with pocket watches as many of these somewhat ancient pieces were one-off items, made by individual watch makers at a time when very few people, but the rich, could afford to buy them and each item took skill, time and patience to create.

If you are thinking of investing your money why not consider investing in vintage and antique time pieces. You could either retail them yourself or sell them through established and reputable watch dealers. The advantage of using a reputable dealer is that they know the business, are knowledgeable about watches and have already established credibility in the market place.

This is however not the only way to invest in vintage or antique watches. You can buy and keep these watches in much the same way you would any other tangible asset. Vintage watch dealers and collectors are usually on the look out for quality pieces. You would definitely have a market if you later decide to resell.

When you decide to buy it is of course advisable to make sure that you are purchasing from reputable watch dealers. Often a quick search on Google and visiting watch forums and getting the opinions and views of others is a good way to start.

So the next time you are considering making a worthwhile investment, don’t just limit yourself to the traditional avenues of investment – consider vintage watches, they are a worthy investment option in these uncertain times.

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