Weeding Good Investment Advice From The Not So Good

Investment, in the truest sense, is about money growth into a manifold increase. As such, investment advice is akin to a map to direct one’s path towards the correct direction. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as they sound as road names, compass directions, distances and GPS devices may not be available for one’s viewing pleasure. Hence, the proverbial blind leading the blind is often a result of many fumbling their way through the financial cloud.

Since advisors claiming their prowess are a dime a dozen, the investor is ill-advised to link arms with the first to spout promises of great gains without concrete evidence. Taking a tip from seafood purveyors, if the fish smells fishy, it is not a fresh catch. Similarly, a fishy investment should not make its way into one’s portfolio. To ascertain the right catch, it is best for one to be acquainted with the industry and its subject matter. By kicking with the right crowd, one can then weed out the undesirables seeking to take a bite out of one’s fortune. One new to the matter may wish to seek recommendations from family and friends. Although this is not a guaranteed approach to finding worthy investment advice, it may be better than thrashing aimlessly around.

Those able to provide wise counsel in areas of money growth usually possess relevant knowledge and experience. There is thus no harm in requesting for their set of credentials as a true adviser is more than willing to accommodate a potential client’s request. To ensure they do not stray from the standards set out by the industry, industrial certification is implemented. The perception of free advice to bad advice, and paid advice to good advice, is also not the general rule of thumb. A creditable advisor follows a reasonable fee structure to keep doubts at bay.

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