What Are Guaranteed Penny Stocks?

Guaranteed Success

It seems many are a bit skeptical as most seem a bit uninformed of the net penny stocks trading platform

I would like to share my brief success story with you at net penny stocks.com

I have my own personal success with them and I can tell you it’s been about the only successful money making program I’ve ever ran across on the internet!

Although the site seems a little”scamish” they have been around for about 4 years and pay you every Sunday night. I’ve been an active member since May 2010 and been paid every single week “No kidding” and very excited and want to share it with you.

I’m considered active because I re-invest about half of what I earn at NPS so I rank high on the percentage It’s easy money once you understand how it works. Remember… the $500 to $5000 they advertise is possible but realistically for most people it may take 10 years as the Site has no time line stated to make that much money however, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!


As of this post I make about $60.00 a week and growing since the 6 months I joined. I don’t promote much as I have not much time but I do have 35 actives to date and about only 5 take this serious which is unfortunate

So if you want to try this you can Join in Free and make that 1st step of making a solo investment of $1.95, and the 2nd step is to promote that solo link with at least 3 active investors then buy another solo and so forth. The 3rd step is,with those profits buy bulk. Bottom line, your goal will be to make 125 solos, 125 bulks with actives doing the same and your there!

IMO do not bother with the multi’s right away although you will get a good discount you will have more solo’s along with the smaller bulk it comes with and unless you plan on filling those I’d stick with buying what you need and once you get the 3 buy another one. You will be paid every week along the way.

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