What Investments Have the Best Return – The Internet As an Investment Option

Coming to the issue of what investments have the best return, looking at the internet as an investment option is something more and more people are looking into rather closely as it has so many facets to the channels which pose as investment opportunities.

It starts with the internet itself, as the actual investment. A lot of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are sub-contracting their services, making it very easy for anyone else to become a reseller and thus an ISP themselves.

This is a very elaborate market with just about everything done for you, all you’ll essentially have to do is solicit clients. You simply pay a joining fee in most cases, followed by a monthly service fee, which covers your operational costs, such as the online mechanism through which to handle the operations of your clients, like customer care and billing.

In most cases, you can also re-brand your control panel, to bear your own logo and company or business information, so as to uphold a professional structure that indicates to your clients that you are the main man (or woman) behind the operation.

This investment takes the hassle out of having to go out and get an ISP operational license, or investing directly in infrastructure — all you do is plug-in to the existing structures of the main ISP and represent it as your own to your clients.

Soliciting clients is just about the hardest part of the equation, but it isn’t hard at all as there are many ways through which to do so.

Simply listing with existing IT and computing business service providers, in an agreement that they add your ISP service to their list of services, will bring in a lot of passive clients. Of course, this may eat into your profits but you will have to negotiate the best split deal with the IT business you want to liaise with.

If you are a pure salesperson then that part of the job will be easy.

Now, that covers the internet itself, as a service or end-user product, as an investment, but there are ways in which you can make use of your own internet connection to invest your money for the best returns.

Remember that the internet is nothing but a virtual representation of the real world, where people and business are connected to each other, the only difference is that the internet offers a platform for the facilitation of the interactions done offline, to be completed up to 100 times faster and more. This means that you can earn money 100 times faster, and more, if you take your investments online.

Online investments include a variety of different ventures, including joint venture capital funds, shares trading, electronic commerce and the simple act of facilitating products and services.

If you are to go into electronic commerce, as your choice of online investments, it wouldn’t be a bad path to take as a lot of joy can be extracted from that and the start-up costs are nowhere near what you’d consider to be bank breaking. Just remember that you need to find the right product or service to offer, and the best are those that are easy to procure, such as digital media.

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