What Is the Purpose of a Mentor or Coach?

Many people wonder what is mentoring and coaching. The answer is different for every client. The common ground in a coaching relationship is the desire for a new perspective on life challenges. A quality coach will answer the question of what is mentoring and coaching as an opportunity for the client to grow and develop. Reaching goals often requires a change in perspective and perception. The identification of the need for change is one of the most important things that a coach can do for their clients. Leading the person to make their own decision regarding the ways in which they desire to change is a essential to the development of a lasting positive relationship between a coach and their clients. Gaining new perspective requires trust and a willingness to engage in guided self reflection.

A quality mentor and coach will be able to help their clients identify the challenge they are facing. This identification also requires emotional sensitivity. Many times clients do not know that they are struggling with certain misconceptions about their own life and objectives. A successful mentor and coach will be able to help their clients focus on forgiveness of themselves and provided the necessary tools to help them see their own ability to create a better life in the future. Identifying the challenge a client is facing must be done in a nonjudgmental manner. Asking the client questions which will help their own self discovery is an important part of effective coaching.

One of the sensual benefits of mentoring and coaching is the ability for clients to find solutions to their problems that. Sometimes brainstorming is necessary because it provides a new perspective as well as creative possibilities for people who are stuck in their tentative concerns about making the wrong decision. One of the benefits of mentoring and coaching is identifying both the positive and negative aspects of actions. When a person understands how to properly look at things objectively they will be able to empower themselves to make the best possible decisions. Talking through various options will also provide the client with the ability to see them selves as a positive influence in the creation of their own new beginnings. This is essential to the development of an empowered life which can be filled with happiness and joy.

Clients can sound on a quality coach to help them remain accountable to themselves once the plan has been created for progress. People often gets frustrated because they do not have someone helping them to remain on course. Coaching provides the opportunity for individuals to create a plan which they believe will work and have someone help them to make modifications when necessary. The modifications often are not large and can be handled in a few sessions was a coach that has the ability to look at the situation objectively. The objective viewpoint can often offer solutions to negative repetitive patterns which are hindering the development of the client.

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