What Is TheISO 27001 Standard And How It Can Help Your Company’s Information Security

In the business world, it is important to ensure security in every aspect. However, the concept of business protection has changed drastically in the last several years. From small-scale operations to international organisations, every business today has come to recognise the critical importance of including information technology security in its plans.

Even the startup online store, managed by one or two persons, can be vulnerable to IT attacks, leaving its business in jeopardy when customer details are stolen, profits are drained, and reputation is damaged.

Information security requires a specific architecture that can stand up to any threat, and ensure constant and sufficient protection. To help businesses and other organisations achieve this goal, certain standards have been introduced and compliance to such standards has been prescribed.

The specification for managing information security is known as the ISO 27001 standard. This is an international standard enabling the best practice for your ISMS, or Information Security Management System, which includes your policies, practices, processes, responsibilities, planning activities, organisational structure, and others.

The standard offers requirements for setting up, applying, and maintaining your ISMS, as well as giving you the steps and tools to continuously improve your system. As is the case with technology, change is inevitable and standards like the ISO 27001 have undergone revisions.

These changes address current needs and potentially new threats to existing systems. It has now emphasised more measurement and evaluation of the ISMS, to ensure its performance. Among other things, this may mean getting vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for your company’s ISMS.

In order to build and implement a formidable information system, you need to identify vulnerabilities before scrupulous parties discover them. Some organisations and businesses may choose to hire what’s known as “ethical hackers.” These skilled individuals will test the system out by replicating unathorised access and infiltration of the system. They have the right tools to do such tests.

This rather delicate and fundamental process determines just how well your ISMS will stand up to different attacks.With the ISO 27001 including a section on outsourcing measurement and evaluation processes, your company can safely identify certified professionals who can perform the appropriate penetration testing. Thesebusinesses should note that information or data security might differ with each structure, which means the security challenges it faces will vary.

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