What Job Makes the Most Money?

What jobs make the most money? The best way to answer this question would be to take a look at the most successful people in the world and see what they all have in common.

I will make it easy for you and narrow it down to the top five or so that are reported yearly in the Forbes magazine. You will find that there are three things these successful people all have in common.

1 – They are business owners (this would be the top job to have)

What this should tell you is that you will not make mega millions by punching the clock every day. If you are truly serious about being successful and building massive wealth, the first thing you should be thinking about doing it getting out of the rat race that is the 9-5 job.

The second thing you should be thinking about is starting a business that fills a need (i.e. providing a service to groups of people or companies) or finding a strategy that will ultimately make passive income for you.

Remember – You will not achieve financial independence by only having a 9-5 job that only pays you for the hours you work!

Some examples:

Bill Gates (billionare) – Created Microsoft

Warren Buffet (billionare) – Created Bekshire Hathaway

Steve Jobs (billionare) – Created Apple

Michael Dell (billionare) – Created Dell Computers

Mark Zuckerberg (billionare) – Created Facebook

2 – They use their money to make money

Wealthy people realize that it is important to grow their money and they will laugh at people who stash their money in a bank earning 2% – 3% per year. I actually think it is currently even lower than that with what is going on in the economy. I personally would not know because I don’t have a high regard for savings accounts anymore.

Side Note: A nickname for CDs among the wealthy is Certificate of Depreciation.

Wealthy people realize that in order to create wealth and maintain it their money needs to be constantly working for them, and not sitting idle in a bank account or any account that does not get them (at minimum) double or triple digit returns on their money.

Bill Gates – Let his money work for him by Investing it in Microsoft.

Warren Buffet – Let his money work for him by Investing in the stock market.

Steve Jobs – Let his money work for him by investing it in new products for Apple.

3 – They are making passive income

The definition of passive income is income you receive with little effort. You do some work upfront to set up a passive income stream, and then with very minimal effort you pretty much kick back and receive payments on a periodic basis.

A good example of passive income would be a rental property where it might take some initial effort to find and buy a property and find some tenants. If you make the necessary effort to find the right tenants that stay in your property for a long time, then you would be able to sit back and receive the passive income in rents.

You could always try to go for a high “earning” job like a lawyer or a doctor. But, what you will rack up in student loans (several hundred thousand dollars) and lose in time… will probably make you question whether it was really worth it.

Consider starting a business, or making passive income, or putting your money to work for you, or all of the above.

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