What Materials Should You Print Your Roll-Up Banner On?

Don’t ruin your roll-up banner

Roll-up banners are increasingly popular due to the fact that they are so easy to set up and move around. You have most probably seen a banner not only at trade shows and exhibitions but also in retail environments. Some of their quite quirky applications include being in receptions, conferences, bars and restaurants. Businesses are catching on to the fact that they are visually impressive and do wonders for marketing.

What lets roll-up banners down are the companies who print banners out on the wrong materials. Although these types of banners are cheaper, this is not an economical save. Cheap often means a low quality product and this is especially the case when it comes to the banner industry. Buying such a product will diminish the banner’s effectiveness.

PVC v Polyester

The types of materials used for roll-up banners varies from PVC vinyl, synthetic paper PVC or polyester fabric. There are printing companies who will tell you that printing a roll-up banner on PVC will do your banner no harm. The reason why you should avoid these types of materials is because they will inevitably curl after a period of time.

Now for the bit of science explaining why… Most PVC materials have a double or triple layer of PP or PVC. One of these layers will have your image printed on and the other is the backing. These layers after some time will start to shrink, but not at the same rate, which is why the edges start to curl outwards or inwards.

Another reason for the curl in PVC materials is the ink used. When printing a banner in ninety-eight percent of cases a solvent based ink will be used, which can alter the make-up of the material that it has been printed to. The best analogy to use here is to think of the ink as “biting” into the surface so that it sticks to it.

The best type of material to use is a polyester based one. Opal Jet is a polyester material, which delivers exceptional printing quality. The surface has been optimised so that the colour is maximised and ultra-sharp images are created. If you have a bigger budget you may want to upgrade to a premium roll-up banner which has a matt grey coating acting as a stoplight barrier. The coating of the banner has anti-curl and anti-static properties.

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