What to Do With 1 Million Dollars – Your Gate to Being a Billionaire

What to do with 1 million dollars is a question I have sought everywhere for answers. There is no investment, which can guarantee high return with no risks at all; a bitter fact I have learnt to live with. The fear of losing my 1 million dollars is sometimes greater than the self-drive to make another million dollars. It is for this reason I find dollars in my saving account instead of investing them in opportunities that would increase my net worth. There are many opportunities to invest but depending on other unforeseen factors and the obvious risks, it I take a lot of my time analyzing them.

I find investing in real estate a better choice for long-term investment as it would guarantee better returns in future. I would buy land or apartments since their chance of raising value in future is higher than any other form of investment and has lower chance of loss making. The next option I would prefer is investing in stock markets but they require a lot of knowledge and predictions to find the best investment. When investing in stocks, I make sure I diversify my stock portfolio by investing in different sectors to cater for loss by offsetting it with gains, I make from other sectors. Treasury bonds is the only option that has no risks of making losses as it is offered by government at better rates of return and hence my best option.

It is, however, important to note the higher the rate of return an investment is offering, the higher the risk of making losses. It is therefore my advice that you first seek an investment expert help to avoid making losses. Sometimes the rate of return is affected by the timing of the investment and hence the need to gather much detailed information on how to go about it.

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