What to Do With Your Money Once You Have It


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Expert Author Lark A. Miller

Even if you do not believe in what is going to happen with the economy, there are multiple reasons why it is important to know what to do with your money once you have it. The average American spends 1.05 for every $1 that they make. Do you fall into this “average” American category? Even if you do not, those numbers should shock you. Common sense would say that continuing to live a life of debt will leave you trapped, feeling inadequate and owing the banks for the rest of your life.

Are you debt free? Then you probably have a mortgage, maybe a car payment or are planning to have money when you retire. Do you know how to pay off your debt quicker and retire younger? Going to buy a 24 of beer is not the answer. Neither is working a 9-5 job that you hate just to wait another year for a raise and enjoy the benefits you never use.

We are not taught how to manage our money in school, which to this day is still absolutely impractical. A financial education course should be mandatory. To know how and where to spend your money rather than to know what a rhombus is would be a little more convenient. Perhaps the government does not want us to learn the facts of finances for fear of losing control of their population of sheep.

Staying on top of your finances will not only help you organize your life and your future, it will help you achieve your desired income and goals with this one life that you have on earth. Know what to do with your money once you have it. There is no time to waste, spend your time learning and staying educated. Do not focus on excuses of why you cannot do it. Focus on how you need to do it for yourself, your future and your legacy.

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