What to Look for When Choosing Between Law Tutors

Law tutors are a valuable commodity to those studying undergraduate or postgraduate law, or professional qualifications such as the LPC and BPTC. It is no secret that these degrees are particularly difficult, and many students opt for tutors to help them get through their exams and coursework, or attain the highest honours. But with no real way of gauging the ways to choose law tutors, some students are at a loss for who to choose. This handy guide lists three factors to look for when choosing a law tutor.

First, make sure that your law tutor is properly qualified. They do not have to be a practicing lawyer, but those taking professional qualifications such as the BPTC, who have first class undergraduate degrees, usually make good tutors. On the other hand, those that attained lower honours without significant postgraduate achievement may be unable to provide a suitable tuition environment for the student that wishes to attain the highest honours. To this end, many tutoring sites will display the honours attained by their tutors, and can help you choose.

Secondly, make sure that the tutors that you choose are holistic. Once students have found a tutor that they trust they are likely to stick to them for all of their needs during their law degree. Tutors that also perform services like essay proofing, marking and revision help are therefore extremely useful to students, once the bond of trust is built between student and tutor. Those websites that offer online law tutors are also exceptionally valuable. Tutors that can teach online can practice anywhere in the world, and also take students from anywhere in the world, greatly increasing both the market for students abroad, and the quality of tutors, who can be sourced from around the world.

Thirdly and finally, make sure that the law tutors that you choose are helpful and friendly. Everyone learns in their own way, and some may prefer tutors who are friendly, or tutors that are stricter. In the same way, some tutors teach with a socratic style, going into depth on important or controversial issues that make for excellent essay writing topics. Others are very straightforward, and focus on helping you to pass. A good way to find out whether the tutor is right for you is to choose an online law tutor that offers a free half hour of tuition in order to assess whether the student and tutor are a good fit.

These three tips should help you choose the perfect law tutor for you. Remember, choose tutors that are qualified, holistic and helpful.

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